Welcome to Monrad Design – Paracord for happy pets! 😀

“Mona + Konrad = Monrad Design”

Monrad Design is a colaboration between myself, Mona, and my yellow male Labrador, Konrad. I create beautiful and practical dog equipment and Konrad carries it around, oh so proudly, when it is finished! My dog is my passion and creating pet equipment is a hobby of mine. I especially enjoy the numerous possibilities when considering patterns, colours and decorations and I am continuously developing my skills and products. I would love to make both you and your pet happy with some beautiful equipment. So, if you are curious, look through my work. Write to me if you would like to have a talk and maybe order one or more products for your lovely pet.

I make collars in paracord and leashes in either paracord or pp cord. Both paracord and pp cord are extremely strong materials. Thus, it is perfect materials for pet equipment as you are sure that neither your collar or leash will break in the cord. Said in other words, you can feel safe.

Both the collars and leashes can be used for all purposes. So far, I have mainly created equipment for dogs and this include walking, traning and competition equipment e.g. for NoseWork. However, I see no reasons why the equipment should not be used for example for horses, cats or rabbits. Only limitation is my and your imagination!

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