PP leashes

PP leashes can be ordered in the length, thickness (6, 8 or 10 mm) and colour you wish. You choose both the colour of the cord and of the tacklings. You can see possible colours of the cord here: https://dogparacord.dk/produkt-kategori/tov-og-reb/ and possible colours of the tacklings here: https://dogparacord.dk/produkt-kategori/paracord-2/paracord-90-micro/.

PP cord is a VERY strong material and opposite to paracord, it floats on water.

First meter: 140 DKK / €19
Ekstra meter: 30 DKK / €4 per meter
Specially design retriever leash for hunting dogs: 150 DKK / €20

When you calculate the length of your leash, remember to add 40 cm for a handle and the neck measure of your pet, if you wish for a retriever leash.

Retriever leash designed for hunting dogs
Price: 150 DKK / €20
You decide the colour!

Rally leash
1 meter (handle included)
Price: 140 DKK / €19
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